Minnie’s Run in the Okefenokee National WIldlife REfuge By Julian Buckmaster

Minnie’s Run in the Okefenokee National WIldlife REfuge By Julian Buckmaster


到2020年底,美国的经济增长将放缓.S. 美国陆军工兵部队(USACE)宣布,根据特朗普政府最近修订的《hg8868皇冠》指导方针, 双松第一期矿区400多英亩的湿地将不再受联邦法规管辖.

作为一个结果, there will likely be minimal Federal oversight of the proposed project, 让乔治亚州环境保护部门和查尔顿县负责颁发许可证.

American Alligator in the Okefenokee Nat’l Wildlife Refuge by William Brawley

American Alligator in the Okefenokee Nat’l Wildlife Refuge by William Brawley

最近监管方面的变化突出了乔治亚保护协会和我们的成员在州和地方各级所扮演的重要倡导角色. 和我们的合伙人一起 奥克弗诺基保护联盟, 我们继续对在乔治亚州东南部奥克弗诺基国家野生动物保护区附近拟议的重矿物开采项目表示严重关切.

双胞胎松树, the company behind the proposed mining project, 已就工业雨水向所有国家环境保护科(环保署)分支机构提出申请, 工业废水, 地下水撤军, 空气质量, 及露天采矿许可证. 环保署现正等候双松公司的增编,详列环保条文, including the mining land use plan and support documentation. When that information becomes available for public comment, the hg8868皇冠登录 will provide a public comment letter to Georgia EPD.

EPD’s updates on the formal public comment schedule can be found here.

与此同时,佐治亚保护协会向佐治亚环境保护署表达了我们的担忧 2021年3月的信我们鼓励所有反对采矿项目的人也表达他们的关切.

在乔治亚州, 据我们所知,在近代史上,没有任何一个如此规模的项目没有引发联邦政府的个别批准程序. 然而, due to this project’s timing and circumstances, the State of Georgia is to provide the primary permitting. 因此, 在评估该项目对奥克弗诺基国家野生动物保护区的潜在影响方面,环境保护署处于不利地位. 

这片联邦政府保护的荒野是全球重要的湿地,与Trail Ridge接壤, 双松项目的所在地. 山脊本身是一个复杂的水文地质环境——本质上是一个饱和的沙丘. Forming an eastern barrier to the swamps and wetlands of the Okefenokee, Trail Ridge is not only ecologically important in and of itself, but also serves as scaffolding for the health of the Okefenokee.

我们赞赏环境保护署关注该项目临近国家野生动物保护区,以及它将如何影响该地区的地下水水文. 我们期待由环保署领导的多学科的科学数据审查,以保护公众对项目周边自然景观的兴趣, including the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, 有关湿地, 和圣. 玛丽河.


除了签署 奥克弗诺基保护联盟 action alert,请直接联络环境保护署署长Richard E. 邓恩在 TwinPines.Comment@dnr.ga.政府 表达你的关心. 请随意使用我们的 2021年3月的信 作为背景资料和参考.

Sacred Waters: 的 Okefenokee In Peril

的短片, "Sacred Waters: 的 Okefenokee In Peril", takes viewers into the heart of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, 展示其神秘的自然美, 文化的重要性, 以及不可思议的生态价值. But, as the title of the film sets forth, the sacred waters are 威胁ened. 的 威胁 of a proposed mineral mine near the edge of the Okefenokee looms large, putting the natural integrity of the Swamp at risk. As "Sacred Waters" brings us deeper into the Okefenokee, we understand how great this 威胁 truly is.

《hg8868皇冠》由 奥克弗诺基保护联盟 (外行星协会)的慷慨支持 National Parks Conservation Association.

Background on Proposed Mining Near the Okefenokee

In March 2020, 双胞胎松树, LLC, an Alabama-based mining company, submitted 修改后的应用程序 到你.S. 美国陆军工程兵部队(USACE)寻求颁发许可证,以“在1号建造一个示范采矿项目”,042英亩,将在6年内开采898英亩的重矿砂,从奥克弗诺基沼泽东南边缘的Trail Ridge.

从美国.S. 鱼 & 野生动物服务:“步道山脊在沼泽的东侧形成一个边缘或地貌“大坝”,维持沼泽的水文. 的 soil of Trail Ridge has a profile or distinct layers. This gives it water holding and water movement characteristics.

拟议的采矿项目将在地下50英尺深的地方开采重矿物(钛和锆), 它低于奥克弗诺基沼泽洼地的水平,对维持格鲁吉亚东南部地区地表水和地下水水文不可或缺.

双胞胎松树 plans for a facility on a larger 12,沿着Trail Ridge的000英亩的土地,非常接近查尔顿县的奥克弗诺基国家野生动物保护区.

屏幕截图2020-03-17 10:00.51.45 AM.png

的 proposed mine in the revised application is smaller, 但仍然代表着相似, 如果不是相同的, 威胁, 在这一过程中,该公司仍打算开采全部12个经济上可行的矿藏,000英亩的土地.

乔治亚州保护协会将修改后的许可证申请视为许可证“分割”的经典案例,即申请人减少影响的大小,以减少监管审查.  在这种情况下,申请人希望规避环境影响声明(EIS)带来的要求。. 制定和发布环境影响报告书需要对拟议矿山的潜在影响进行几次彻底的研究. 此外,环境影响报告书将为公众提供发表评论信的新机会.

的 proximity to the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, which is one of Georgia’s most precious ecological sites and wilderness areas, heightens hg8868皇冠登录 concerns over the proposed mining. 采矿将影响这片土地上或附近的湿地,并可能永久地影响整个奥克弗诺基沼泽的水文. 额外的关注, 奥克弗诺基438,000-acre biodiverse ecosystem is home to the headwaters of two notable rivers, 苏旺尼人和圣. 玛丽.

每一年, 50多万人 visit the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, generating roughly $88 million in economic impact in Charlton, 克林奇和韦尔县.

拿奥克弗诺基人的健康冒险, 它的生态系统, and its current economic impact is unthinkable today as it was in the late 1990s. 然后, the swift action of concerned citizens, 科学家们, lawmakers and conservation groups fought off a similar mining 威胁.

Click here to read our formal April 2020 public comments, which include a request for an extension of the public comment period.

的 hg8868皇冠登录’s CORE Concerns

的 hg8868皇冠登录 submitted formal comments 到你SACE on April 8, 2020. 点击这里阅读这些评论. 我们将继续监测和分享来自乔治亚州自然资源部和其他州机构的公众评论机会, 当他们出现.

看看这个修改后的应用程序, 与原始应用程序一样, 乔治亚州保护协会希望在USACE湿地影响许可(以及乔治亚州环境保护部门即将发布的露天矿开采许可证)过程中解决以下问题:


Billy’s Lake in the Okefenokee Nat’l Wildlife Refuge By Phuc Dao

Billy’s Lake in the Okefenokee Nat’l Wildlife Refuge By Phuc Dao

  • 了解采矿作业和土壤均质化对奥克弗诺基水位的潜在影响是至关重要的.

  • Portions of the proposed mine site drain surface water to the Okefenokee Swamp. Turbidity and surface water quality is frequently an issue at similar mines.

  • Changes in groundwater flow from mining operations, 哪个降低了该地区的地下水位, could have an impact on adjacent (Trail Ridge) isolated wetlands.

  • 由于水文变化引起的火灾频率和强度的变化可能是由于地下水位较低造成的.


  • Habitat reduction and fragmentation on the unique Trail Ridge sands.

  • Loss of habitat for the gopher tortoise, 一个关键物种, and the other notable species that depend on the tortoise, 包括东部靛蓝蛇.

  • 噪音、光线和其他影响野生动物和游客到奥克弗诺基国家野生动物保护区.

Gopher Tortoise区域+ tr_ajc_裁剪.jpg
屏幕截图2020-04-08.09.45 PM.png


感谢所有支持保护美国最伟大的自然宝藏之一的人! You can continue to support our efforts to protect the Okefenokee!


original permit application for the first phase, submitted 到你SACE in July 2019 comprised of 2314 acres, presented a plan to excavate an average of 50 feet, sort the material with a wet mill and backfill in a 24 hour per day operation.  Approximately 25 – 40 acres per month of ground would be exposed in this process. 的 permit application indicated temporary impacts to 522 acres of wetlands and 2,454 linear feet of tributaries and permanent impacts of 65 acres of wetlands and 4,658条直线英尺长的支流.

During a month-long comment period in Summer 2019, 超过20,000 substantive letters and thousands of signatures were submitted 到你.S. Army Corps of Engineers in response to the proposal.

感谢各位捐助者的支持, the hg8868皇冠登录 was able to make essential site-visits, develop and submit comprehensive comments of concern, provide valuable outreach to members and others, 与当地和国家合作伙伴会面, as well as attend and/or present at public meetings in Atlanta, 萨凡纳, Folkston, 和圣. 玛丽.

的 original application was withdrawn by 双胞胎松树 in February 2020 while the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awaited hydrology studies from the applicant.

如果你有任何问题, 请随时hg8868皇冠登录乔治亚自然资源和海岸保护协会主任查尔斯·麦克米兰 cmcmillan@gaconservancy.org